Level – 1

The Academy offers high level training to improve the rower’s technique and physical condition.

The Academy partners with organizations that offer English classes to simply learn English or to prepare for college entry exams (TOEFL, SAT,  ACT).

The Academy also offers a program only for rowing and training in the gym.

This program includes room, 3 meals, and transportation in some cases.

The Academy has the most advance equipment for measuring performance like watts in the boat, angles for the stroke, precise movement in the catch and finish, and lactate tests.

The program is offered on a weekly or monthly basis to a maximum of 6 months.

Price is available upon request.


Level – 2

This program is for rowers with a minimum of 1 year experience.

AGE; 14 AP

Period- All year for days per week

Hour- runtime; 2h p/day

Routine – (a) Practice in the technique of rowing on the water.

(b) specific physical  activity to the development of better performance in rowing.

(c ) Orientation about what kind of food to eat and the benefits of vitamin supplements.

(d ) Education about the dangers of consuming products to improve sports performance.


Level – 3

Rowers with more than one year in the practice of rowing

Age; 15 AP

Period- All year five days per week

Hour- runtime; 3h p/day   2h in the boat

1h physical

Routine -(a)practice in the technique of rowing on the water.

(b) Treining to improve speed in the boat.

(c ) specifically physical preparation.