About Us

We are a specialized rowing academy with focus on young athletes

De Camillis Rowing Academy is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to prepare children for a highly competitive level through instruction, training and competition.

The academy provides a structured venue that gives rowers the opportunity to experience and learn the techniques of rowing, to train vigorously and to apply the lessons of training and competition through the spirit of good sportsmanship, cooperation and teamwork.



Our mission is to educate, equip and empower those we serve with the resources, guidance and encouragement necessary to obtain their goals while experiencing joy, health, happiness and success.


We believe in the power of dynamic coaching and that performance and success result when Integrated facets that must function synergistically for optimal results.


We utilize an integrated, holistic approach to caching that addresses the physical as well as the Internal landscape of the individuals to help them identify and overcome their performance limiters and achieve their highest vision.